Real Estate Mediation

As the use of mediation has grown throughout society, its use in real estate matters has exploded.

Commercial and residential real estate contracts frequently require mediation or arbitration. Consider the time, money and stress that you can end up spending in a protracted litigation process. Mediation offers you opportunities for reaching agreements that can deal with more than the money damages involved in real world conflict. Mediation is a confidential, cost effective and convenient alternative to litigation for the successful resolution of a wide range of issues.

Real estate disputes differ from other disputes in that they usually involve more than two parties. For example, a dispute arising from the sale of property may involve many parties: the buyer, the seller, buyer’s real estate broker, seller’s real estate broker, the pest control inspector, the property inspector, the title or Escrow Company, and perhaps other inspectors or contractors. Real estate disputes also typically involve the attorneys for the disputants in addition to the parties.

Diverse real estate disputes such as: landlord/tenant; Homeowner Association/member; buyer/seller; broker/client; broker/ agent; broker/broker; neighbor/neighbor; and contractor/client problems have all been successfully mediated. An often-cited statistic is that 85% of disputes submitted to mediation are resolved. The success of mediation lies with its process.