Personal Injury and Pre-discovery Mediation

At a Matter of Mediation the  our experienced staff offer skilled personal injury mediation and arbitration services designed to help you avoid lengthy legal battles and faster access to any compensation or settlement cash to which you may be entitled.

Pre-discovery mediation can save your client money if the plaintiff has finished treating and/or the policy limits make it imperative that you settle the claim. Contact plaintiff’s lawyer and ask for copies of all of the relevant medical information and other special damage information so that you and the claims rep can fully evaluate the claim. Suggest to the plaintiff’s lawyer that it may be cost beneficial to have an early mediation to see if the claim can be resolved before the first Case Management Conference. An early mediation will give the claims rep an opportunity to meet and evaluate the plaintiff.

Personal Injury Mediation

Personal injury claims are expensive and fraught with danger and uncertainty for all parties. Understanding the scope of an injury, the costs involved, as well as what may or may not have contributed to it require knowledge of the law and medicine. In negotiating personal injury cases, our impartial mediator’s isle
ate the pertinent issues, focusing each party’s attention on what can and cannot be quantified. Reminding each side that litigation is both more expensive and risky; our mediators build common ground by helping each side to see what is in its best interest.

Some personal injuries involve medical issues and questions surrounding proper procedures employed by healthcare providers.  Our trained mediators have developed in-depth knowledge of medical issues over many years and Dr. Schlaks has a medical background so she understands all issues.  We bring an understanding of liability, negligence, and information regarding certain kinds of failures and conditions that are important for circumscribing the issues involved in personal injury mediation. Taking into account the perspective of each party, our personal injury mediators work closely with each side in order to facilitate a fair resolution that honors both parties’ interest.

The purpose of mediation is a fair and impartial resolution of legal disputes. With that goal in mind, A Matter of Mediation takes the time necessary to listen and understand each side in order to begin the process of rebuilding trust. It’s not always easy or pretty – but we’re effective at bringing parties around to a mutually agreeable solution that builds bridges instead of fences.

Our trained mediators can assist people in all the areas of the law including:

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Product Liability Cases

Premises Liability Cases
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