Employment Mediation

Mediation is a cost effective, efficient, and fast method  to solve many disputes before they turn into complex and drawn out litigations with substantial legal fees for your clients.  Often, the interests of both parties are overlooked in preliminary negotiations, and a skilled mediator can bring out real substantive conflicts  regarding Discrimination issues such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, hostile workplace, ADA & reasonable accommodations, and other related discrimination claims in such a way as to resolve them without further legal proceedings.

Some key benefits of mediation:
• Complete confidentiality
• Flexibility (can mediate at anytime during process).
•  Protects against unwanted publicity by circumventing formal complaints
•  Greater control and predictability of outcomes
•  Comprehensive and customized agreements
•  90% Settlement Rate
•  Controlled Cost Mutually satisfactory outcomes
•  Effective and speedy

Additionally, A Matter of Mediation provides a pre-mediation service for a small fee, which includes reviewing the case and private conferences with both sides to determine if mediation is a viable prospect in the matter. This will save you time and money, and help you determine the best course of action.